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24 May 2006

What's in a name?

Allegedly Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going to let Namibian Governor Samuel Nuuyoma name their new baby. He's become a friend of the couple and helped them find a paparazzi-free place to give birth. According to In Touch magazine, the governor will stage a news conference on Friday, leading many to speculate the Chosen One has already been born.

A Namibian official tells In Touch, "It's true. This is a great honour for Namibia and everyone is very excited." The source explains that local custom will prompt Nuuyoma to visit Jolie when she goes into labour and officially name the baby.

23 May 2006

It's Just Too Easy... make fun of this woman.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I think she's crying because she's lost the number of her stylist...

19 May 2006

Drop Me Baby, One More Time...

What is it going to take before they take Britney Spears' kid away? Let's see, so far, she's allegedly almost dropped him, let him fall out of a high chair, faced him the wrong way in the car seat, and driven with him on her lap. This is getting ridiculous! And even scarier, another one's on its way!

The New York Post reported that Britney nearly dropped her 8-month-old son on his head yesterday as she was leaving a hotel attempting to carry Sean Preston and a glass and getting tripped up in her pants and shoes. The bodyguard apparently saved the kid from hitting the pavement. She remarked, mysteriously, afterward: "This is why I need a gun."

It seems later on, she decided she was much better off just letting the bodyguard carry the baby.

12 May 2006

Brain Tumors: More Libelous than Crack!

Whitney Houston threatened The National Enquirer with a lawsuit after it reported that she has a brain tumor.

Apparently, brain tumors are more damaging to a fading pop star's image than allegations of being a crack addict. I mean, at least you could blame your crack habit and bad hygiene on the tumor obscuring your judgment.

Babies can smell sugar!

It just gets wierder. Who knows if it's true, but before Tom left Katie--er, Kate-- for a promo tour, he left her with a few little rules.

Katie loves sweets, especially cupcakes from Billy's Bakery in New York. But now Tom, who's a health nut, is insisting that she avoid eating sugar in front of Suri, because "babies can smell it and detect it," says a pal.

Tom believes bright light is very harsh for the baby, so lighting must be kept to a bare minimum, an insider says.

Katie likes to listen to Coldplay, but Tom wants classical music such as Debussy and Wagner to be played at home. "It builds the baby's creative powers," says a friend. "It helps with problem solving."

11 May 2006

David Blaine's Horrorific Hands

"After a week submerged in a saltwater tank at New York's Lincoln Center, Blaine's shriveled hands and feet looked like something out of a horror movie.
After about 36 hours out of the tank, they returned to normal, but the illusionist is still in pain. Blaine's skin is no longer shriveled, but 'all the oil is gone, so it feels really strange,' he said. He also has rashes and blisters from the sun — he suffered bad burns because the spherical
tank magnified its effects."

I guess breaking that world record made it all worth it...


Some pictures are worth a thousand words.

$56k for Yoga with Gwennie?

Gwyneth Paltrow raised $56K for Prince Charles' Prince's Trust 30th Anniversary. A fan paid the sum for a yoga lesson with her.

"Unfortunately I can't do it in the nude o[r] anything to make it really
exceptional but I will try and come up with a good plan for a yoga lesson."

What a shame. I don't know about you, but doing the downward dog next to her naked skeltal frame, just doesn't do much for me.